There are many ways to overcome a weight loss plateau

The following are some tips that may assist you in getting back on track. You may want to try one or even all …but remember you will need to monitor yourself long-term to enjoy the success you want to achieve!!

  1. Reassess your energy intake

    Use a plateau as a trigger to review your food and drink intake by keeping a record of everything you eat or drink for at least 3 days. Be honest and see if there are any areas where you can make some energy intake savings or where you might be sneaking more snacks in-between meals.

    Alcohol, sugary drinks, cakes, custards and biscuits are examples where excess energy can slip back into your eating plan. Ongoing self-monitoring will help keep you on track.

  2. Increase your activity levels

    Increasing your activity levels will counteract the natural reduction in metabolic rate that comes with weight loss. Increase the duration or intensity of your exercise sessions to burn more energy. Use a pedometer to check that you are also being as active as you can throughout your day. Increase your incidental exercise by taking the stairs, walking during your lunch break, parking further away from work or other destinations, or get off the bus one stop early.

  3. Check your routine

    If you’ve been in a routine for a while, try doing something different. Change your meal pattern, the foods you eat or even the type of activities you do.Your body can become complacent with routine. A change adds variety and helps you to overcome the plateau.

  4. Persistence and patience pays off

    Don’t be hard on yourself! Be patient during a plateau period and maintain focus. You may be doing everything right and just need some time to make a breakthrough.

    Remind yourself why you have had the surgery and how well you have done so far, but also remind yourself of all the health benefits you are experiencing! Such as reducing your medication or being able to run around with your kids more!