Meet the EvolvME team

Pennie Taylor – Lead Dietitian

Pennie Taylor

Director and Principal Dietitian

Understanding nutrition today is getting more complex with the velocity of information hitting our Internet. I believe in personalising nutrition and getting to the fundamentals of how it fits with our lives today. Everyone has different needs and it’s not a “one size fits all” – so enjoy the change.


Paul Taylor

Director and Business Manager

I manage the business affairs of EvolvME to ensure our team are well supported and can focus on what they do best. I really enjoy engaging with our clients and have built some great relationships with many of them over the years.

Haidee Lease - Psychological Support and Counselling

Haidee Lease

Psychological Support / Counselling

I am strong advocate for helping people see beyond what society deems as ‘perfect’ and to teach people to find comfort and acceptance in their own skin. Empowering people to achieve health and wellbeing regardless of their size is what I love.


Natalie Long


I am passionate about helping people achieve their health goals, with a huge heart to teach, encourage and inspire people to live a healthier life through food.


Michael Visentin

Exercise Physiologist / Personal Trainer

I am very passionate about helping people manage their chronic conditions and achieve their health goals and find it very satisfying in knowing that I can make a positive difference to a person’s quality of life.