EvolvME specialises in providing weight loss surgery support, education and advice for all stages of surgery.

From preparing for your surgery to maintaining your new lifestyle, we are there to make your change enjoyable and fulfilling. Taking a longer-term view of your journey, we enable you to obtain support when you need it the most.

Our programs include pre and post-operative group sessions or one-on-one counselling sessions with our dietitian, exercise physiologist or diabetes educator. During these sessions we focus on the following key areas:

  • Initial bariatric stages

    what to expect from your surgery and how to cope with the initial changes to your diet and lifestyle

  • Longer-term bariatric support

    strategies, tips and support for getting back on track including personalised exercise programs for the changing body

  • Lifestyle and nutrition education for every stage

    one of the biggest challenges that will come from your surgery is the change in the way you select and eat foods. Therefore it’s important that you understand how food and exercise fit into your new lifestyle

woman feeling great after bariatric surgery