Every weight loss surgery experience is unique and has the best chance of long-term success with individually tailored lifestyle plans

We take your body type, surgery details and goals into consideration so they are all tailored to you and your needs.

Many people have pre-determined ideas as to the limited selection of foods they can eat after surgery and believe they are doomed to salad and steamed vegetables for the rest of their life. Wrong!!

This is where the EvolvME dietitians can help with nutrition education.

Difficult Foods There may be a range of different foods that your body finds difficult to process after weight loss surgery or with the gastric banding in place.
 Different Experiences Everyone has different experiences with food after surgery and our dietitians can provide you with nutrition education to help you manage these.
Cravings! Many people have different cravings at different times and can be emotionally or hunger driven.
Our dietitians can help analyse and explain these to you as well as giving you hints and advice that work for you to beat them.
Spring Lamb Greek Salad

Pre / Post Bariatric Surgery Nutrition Education

During your pre and post surgery support sessions, we’ll help you to have full understanding of everything you’re going through and will give you all the tools to embrace your new lifestyle.

  • Setting realistic weight loss expectations
  • Ditching the diet and normalising your life
  • Understanding your appetite and dealing with emotional eating
  • Staying motivated and keeping it interesting
  • Sharing the journey – healthy eating for the whole family
  • Assessing your fitness levels and choosing appropriate exercise
  • The ‘need to know’ about complications
  • Shopping tours – choosing appropriate foods and reading and interpreting labels

We have endless recipes and meal plans that are delicious, new, interesting and easy.

One of the biggest changes that will come from your surgery is the change in the way you select and eat foods

Initially, your diet restrictions will be clearly laid out into what foods are suitable and how to prepare and eat them. But what happens 3 or 4 months down the track, when you need to start making food decisions again?

Once we are aware of what the barriers are, they become much easier to break down

Some of these will be fairly obvious and can be discussed in your first group session, others may not become apparent until later. Either way, we have the means to work through them with you.

How do you stay motivated and keep the foods delicious and interesting?

For answers to this question and many more, make a booking for a pre or post bariatric surgery support session.