The lowdown on a rubdown……can massage therapy really help you?

massage woman young beautiful isolated on white backgroundMassage therapy is commonly promoted as a method to ease dysfunction, assist in the recovery of muscle injuries and decrease stress levels but is there any science behind those claims? A recent review prepared for the Australian Association of Massage Therapists attempted to shed some light on this question1. The review compared results of 740 studies related to massage therapy between 1978 and 2008 and revealed enough evidence to guide effective practice for the following situations:

  1. Management of sub-acute and chronic low back pain. Although further research is required, the results of the review indicated that massage therapy is more effective than placebo treatments for subacute and chronic low back pain. Additionally significant patient satisfaction and pain reduction outcomes were suggested in studies related to massage and low back pain.
  2. Reductions in stress. Among the studies included there was also good evidence for the role of massage therapy in managing stress, anxiety and increasing relaxation. Massage therapy was also identified as effective in improving heart rate and blood pressure, some of the body’s responses to stress.
  3. Management of exercise related muscle soreness

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1. Ng, K., Cohen, M.,2011, The Effectiveness of MassageTherapy: A Summary of Evidence-Based Research, Australian Association of Massage Therapists, ( Accessed: February 10, 2013