Common traps that can get you off track and when a plateau may become a regain

It’s important to be aware of the common traps that can lead to weight regain. Try to identify these traps and avoid them so they don’t undo all of your hard work. Here are some common weight loss traps:

        1. Wanting it now

          Expecting the weight loss to continue at a rapid rate and not seeing it happen can cause frustration. Set realistic goals with your supportive healthcare team and remember that these will need to be reviewed on a regular basis.

        2. Thinking that willpower alone is enough

          Relying on willpower alone to change habits often leads to frustration and regression back into old habits. You need to identify the behaviours that are your barriers to achieving success.

          Work with your healthcare team to overcome these barriers, which can sometimes take more time than you expect.

        3. Trying to be perfect

          Aiming for the perfect diet or exercise routine can often lead to you achieving the opposite.

          Don’t forget, NO ONE IS PERFECT and life needs to be flexible.

          The key to success is planning ahead and maintaining a healthy lifestyle routine – you will need to understand what works for you!

        4. Not monitoring yourself

          Allowing yourself to take a complete break from a regular eating and activity routine for a month or more, thinking you’ll get back into it, is the type of thinking to avoid.

          It is okay to take a small break from routine, BUT you still need to monitor the time you take AND the foods you eat OR it will become progressively harder to continue your weight loss past this time.

          An unmonitored break of 2 or more weeks is known as the danger period where many relapse into old habits and weight regain usually occurs.

Don’t forget, it’s not only about changing your diet and exercise habits, it is also about changing the way you think